As a staff nurse with more than seven years’ experience working in emergency departments I have frequently been exposed to violent incidents, often fuelled by alcohol and /or drug related aggression. These have ranged from verbal abuse through empty handed assaults to being attacked with improvised weapons such as contaminated syringes, pieces of metal and chairs. Although I have previously trained in other martial arts including western boxing and Choi Kwong Do, there is no doubt in my mind that the training I have received at Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy has been the reason that I have always avoided serious injury and been able to use control and restraint techniques to ensure safety to myself, my colleagues and to my patients. Because the training at Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy is firmly rooted in reality, the techniques learned there directly apply to real life encounters without the false environmental conditioning that many martial arts schools or dojos can create. This reality based teaching has also provided me with de-escalation skills that I can use to intercept situations before they reach flash point and in doing so prevent an outbreak of violence.

The private lessons that I have taken with Guro Mike and Sifu Kev have rapidly improved all aspects of my martial arts ability helping me to move upward through the ranks and also greatly expand both my skills and knowledge as a martial artist. My confidence has grown and the benefits to my personal life cannot be underestimated. In short I would without hesitation recommend Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy to anyone with a serious interest in learning martial arts. I would also like to thank Guro Mike and Sifu Kevin for their constant support and for teaching me that the only limits I have are the ones I set myself, and for showing me how to push through them.

Fight the good fight.
Douglas Gibb Staff Nurse – Glasgow Western Infirmary A&E


There are some people who, when you meet them, touch you deeply and from that moment your life is never the same
Graeme Paterson, Lecturer


A big thanks to all the crew at Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy, just coming to the end of a 6 week block of boot camp and being over a stone lighter makes me very happy indeed. It’s all down to the hard work and dedication of the fantastic staff.
Paul McElroy


I cannot praise Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy highly enough. These guys are helpful, informative, useful, eye-opening, scary and effective. These guys really know their stuff.
Marlon Banks, Alfred McAlpine course


They were very good. It has certainly made me more alert and aware of the dangers about and how to react if put in a dangerous situation
Dorothy McGhee, Personal Assistant


I would like to thank Guro Mike and the staff at Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy for teaching me martial art techniques that saved my life
Johnny Townsley


The staff at Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy are absolutely tremendous, you are made to feel at home and part of the team from the moment you arrive. No problem seems to trivial to them at all, and they are always there at hand for any queries. With this I truly recommend Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy for you.
Terry Woods, Isle of Arran


I have trained in a few systems around the world and what I loved about Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy was not just the structure of the system but the knowledge behind it which made each level of training going through the stages an in-depth curriculum that is easy to understand through the tuition of the instructors and the practical drills that were implicated to the students
Nick Wood, London


Thanks Guro Mike for your hospitality here in Glasgow. We strongly believe that your type of Martial Arts training could enhance Footballers performance
Valencia CF Coaches, Spain


Amazing to see the training improve the co-ordination of the player’s left and right feet. Great course looking forward to the next one
Hugh McNeillie, Galston United YFC


I personally found the programme to be new and fresh with great potential to advance the kids in so many ways, and the kids themselves absolutely loved the session, this had as much to do with the excellent presentation as the content. I will continuing to include much of the programme into our training schedule going forward and look forward to the continued partnership that we will now have with Mike coming back quarterly .
Steve Lumsden, Coach St Peters Reds


Thanks to Guro Mike and Kevin for your warm welcome, your help and under standing and pointing me in the right direction
Joseph Ferris, I.C.T.A Martial Arts Ireland.


Trained with these guys a while back and what they do they do phenomenally, it’s made so easy to learn as long as you put in the hours
Charles Doherty.


I would like to thanks everyone at Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy for changing my life in such a positive way, I can give no greater endorsement than having introduced my family and my business to their programs. I feel fitter, faster, stronger and far more confident as a result of my training, and would highly recommend them especially their private and personal programs to everyone
Robert Kilpatrick M.D.


Mike, Thank for Promoting Filipino Kali, Pentjak Silat and Bruce Lees art of Jun Fan
Dan Inosanto, Los Angeles USA


Mike, Best wishes in Jun Fan
Chris Kent, USA


Keep growing in Jun Fan, Kali and Silat. Remember it’s the understanding not knowledge
Cass Magda, Los Angeles USA


Mike Thanks for all your hospitality and for promoting Jun Fan/ Kali here in Scotland
Sifu Larry Hartsell, Los Angeles USA


Thanks for promoting Tae Kwon-Do in Glasgow and throughout Scotland
Master J.C.Kim 8th Degree Black Belt President The United Tae Kwon-Do Federation
Vancouver, Canada


Thanks for promoting and bringing Pencak Silat to Scoland
Guro Jack Othman, Glasgow


Mike Keep Kicking
Bill Super foot Wallace


To Mike Thanks for promoting Savate here in Scotland, my best to you.
Salem Assli, President to Californian Association of Boxe Francise Savate and related disciplines.