Private and personal one to one coaching. You don’t need to be fit, you don’t need to be strong and you don’t need any experience. We have taken over 3 decades of experience and streamlined it into our unique form of Coaching. Our easy to learn Rapid Learning Programs Will give rapid results in a very short time.

Get fighting fit

Guaranteed 100 % Money Back

Train with Guro Mike & His hand picked Team of Martial Artists 

Let us Design a unique Training Program  for you and feel the difference  in just 10 Hours

Junior Private & Personal Training is also Available

Develop strong foundations in all parts of your life

  • Build confidence and self esteem

  • Manage stress effectively

  • Learn real martial arts that are right for you

  • Loss up to 12lbs of body fat

  • Increase fitness, flexibility and core strength

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Improve any area within the martial arts

  • Weapon defence training and disarming

  • Learn real self – defence to keep you and your family safe

  • Private coaching in Bruce Lees Jeet Kune- Do

  • Kali Weapon Training

  • Silat South East Asian Martial Art

  • Muay Thai Boxing 

  • Tae Kwon- Do

  • Savate Boxe Francaise FrenchKickboxing 

  • Grappling 


The private lessons that I have taken with Guro Mike and Sifu Kev have rapidly improved all aspects of my martial arts ability helping me to move upward through the ranks and also greatly expand both my skills and knowledge as a martial artist. My confidence has grown and the benefits to my personal life cannot be underestimated. In short I would without hesitation recommend Krauseworld to anyone with a serious interest in learning martial arts and especially to take some personal coaching. I would also like to thank Guro Mike and Sifu Kevin for their constant support and for teaching me that the only limits I have are the ones I set myself, and for showing me how to push through them.

Fight the good fight.

Douglas Gibb

As a staff nurse with more than seven years’ experience working in emergency departments I have frequently been exposed to violent incidents, often fuelled by alcohol and /or drug related aggression. These have ranged from verbal abuse through empty handed assaults to being attacked with improvised weapons such as contaminated syringes, pieces of metal and chairs. Although I have previously trained in other martial arts including western boxing and Choi Kwong Do, there is no doubt in my mind that the personal coaching I have received at Krauseworld has been the reason that I have always avoided serious injury and been able to use control and restraint techniques to ensure safety to myself, my colleagues and to my patients. Because the training at Krauseworld is firmly rooted in reality, the techniques learned there directly apply to real life encounters without the false environmental conditioning that many martial arts schools or dojos can create. This reality based teaching has also provided me with de-escalation skills that I can use to intercept situations before they reach flash point and in doing so prevent an outbreak of violence.