Krause Martial Arts Cross Training for kids. Teaches a comprehensive martial art program involving Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, French Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, Grappling and Self Defence. Ideal for building your child’s confidence, self esteem and respect. Kids learn positive social skills and receive anti-bullying training. The program is structured to take kids from beginner to black belt, learning how to set a goal and achieve it.

“Hi Mike, this is an email to say how much we appreciate Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy and the achievements Ciaralee has made since starting the academy. We can’t believe the confidence she has gained over the past 5 years… She is now a black belt and her self esteem a is so good that her teachers in school have even commented on how much more confidence she has gained. I believe this is due to the training and discipline of Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy and commitment the coaches have with her.”

Kind regards

Patricia Redmond

Feel Safe!

Feel safe when travelling
Direct Lineage to Bruce Lee
Knowing when to recognise danger
The signs of danger and how to avoid it

Build Confidence & Self Esteem
Anti-Bullying Lessons & Prevention
Raise awareness and focus
Improve speed and reaction
Improve fitness and co-ordination
Change the way you feel and behave
Breathing for instant energy

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Private 1to 1 sessions 

1 session £25.00

4 sessions £80.00




Richard Foxley Systemic Psychotherapist
Seven years is a long time for any young person to stick with an activity. My daughter has never wavered in all that time from wanting to attend Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy training. It is a testament to all the staff at Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy that they can engage with young people and help them retain an interest in their physical and psychological well being and development. As a result of this, I have watched as my daughter developed into a confident and self-assured young woman. She regards Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy as her second family.

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Dr Jameel Gardee BDS (Glas) CAGS (USA)
Clinical Director and Partner, Glasgow Smile Clinic

I had been thinking for a while about enrolling my 8 year old son in some form of martial arts, and after researching things on the internet, I decided to give Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy a call and try them out, as they were quite centrally located and seemed very knowledgeable and friendly on the phone. When we attended that first day, what immediately struck me was the wonderfully positive and relaxed atmosphere. Guru Mike and Sifu Kev Young made us feel very welcome and it was clear to see that they loved what they did for a living and the passion that they had for Martial Arts.