Filipino Kali

Kali was developed by warriors in the Philippines, and taught to us by Guro Dan Inosanto.

Kali is a  weapon and empty hand training system and develops superior speed and precision.  This is an excellent means of self-defence against an armed attacker. Kali is also taught to many military force’s throughout the world and was used in “The Borne Identity” movies.

FIlipino Martial Arts (FMA)

The Philippines has a long and storied history of real life and death combat. From ancient times to the modern day, the weapon based fighting arts of the Filipino archipelago have proven themselves time and again to be efficient, effective and extremely deadly forms of fighting. There are many styles of Filipino Martial Arts, each with their own distinguishable methods, principles and techniques. Some are long range systems, others are more suited to close quarter combat. Some are predominantly weapon based arts, others focus on empty hand fighting or grappling techniques. There’s a plethora of names for these systems, among them; Arnis de Mano, Arnis Lanada, Sikaran, Pananjakman, Kuntao, Kaliradman, Kalirongan, Pagkalikali, Pangamut, Eskrima, Kabaroan, Dumog, Kunsi-Kunsi, and no doubt many more. At our Glasgow martial arts academy we use the name Kali as an umbrella term.

The origins of the word Kali remain a mystery. Some people believe that it comes from certain tribes in the southern Philippines speaking dialects that use the word “Kalis” to mean “Sword”. Implying that “Kali” means to fight or move with a blade or sword. Others make the claim that it came from a time when the Malays, during one of the early migratory periods from Indonesia and Malaysia, arrived in the Philippines, bringing with them the name of the Hindu goddess of war “Kali” .

According to grandmaster Floro Villabrille, the word Kali comes from three root words; Kamot, Katawan and Lihok. “Kamot” means “Hand”, “Katawan” means “Body” and “Lihok” means “Motion”. So we can take Kali to mean “Hand and body motion.”

Here at Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy we teach a system based on the Inosanto method of Filipino Kali.

This method covers a variety of long and close range weaponry as well as Filipino boxing, in-fighting and grappling techniques. Training develops reflexes, co-ordination, body mechanics, agility, fluidity of movement, speed, strength, the warriors mind set and of course, the ability to fight with and without a weapon.

The Inosanto/LaCoste blend of FMA was developed by the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto and is a combination of 28 different Filipino fighting systems taught to Guro Inosanto by as many different masters and teachers, with the late, great Master Juan LaCoste being a very large primary influence.

Guro Mike began training in this system in the early 1980’s. Being the first to bring Guro Inosanto to teach the public in Scotland, the Krause Academy of Martial Arts launched the spread of these arts in Glasgow/West of Scotland in 1984. Taught and certified as an instructor by Guro Dan Inosanto himself as well as receiving instruction and coaching from many top, world class students of Guro Inosanto (such as Guro Cass Magda, Guro Rick Faye, Guro Victor Gendrano and the late Guro Larry Harstell) Guro Mike has over 30 years experience and is well qualified to pass on this knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

Over the years, Guro Mike has shared the knowledge and training methods he has learned with thousands upon thousands of students, setting many on life long, world traveled paths of study themselves. He is often moved by the thanks and respect he receives from those who, no matter where they are in the world, remember where they began their journey in these wonderful arts.