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Welcome to Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy, Scotland’s first Professional Mixed Martial Academy established in 1982  and probably the worlds friendliest martial arts academy. Run today by Guro Mike Krause and his team. Mike Krause Martial Arts Academy, offers professional martial arts consultation and instruction on a group, private and seminar basis.
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Mike Krause


KMAX – Krause Martial Arts Cross Training, is a comprehensive, powerful and rock–solid combat system. A fusion of many arts and disciplines, tested over 4 decades, with its roots in Bruce Lees original principle based system Jeet Kune Do – Jun Fan Gung Fu and the contemporary, conceptual and constantly evolving approach to JKD. This includes elements of a variety of complimentary arts and training structures, including both empty hand and weaponry, close quarter and long range, against single and multiple opponents.
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This system is at the forefront of martial arts training worldwide. Offering a systematic four step syllabus, guiding the student from novice to advanced black belt standard with internationally recognised credentials.


As well as our KMAX program you will find a wide variety of subjects ranging from MMA, Silat, Kali, Boxing, Savate.